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Nelly Boo Essentials Bundle

Nelly Boo Essentials Bundle

or Interest Free with Over 24+ months

The Nelly Boo Essential Bundle is designed to include everything you need for a Newborn, and nothing you don't.

It includes over 30 products that we believe are essential. 

These products come standard in the bundle:

 - 1 x Haakaa Multipurpose Cotton cloth wipes 16 Pk

-  2 x SnuzPod 4 Mattress Protector 

-  1 x Cuddle Co Bamboo changing mat

-  1 x Cuddle Co feeding and infant support pillow

-  1 x Purelan Nipple cream

-  1 x Avent Single Electric Breast pump

-  1 x Shnuggle Bath Stand 

- 1 x Reer SoftTemp 3 in 1 Contactless infrared Thermometer

- 1 x Oricom Electric Nasal aspirator

- 1 x  Baby nail filer

- 1 x  Babu Hand and Body Butter

and the remainder of the choices are below :-

- 1 x  Babu Healing Balm

- 1 x  Babu Body wash and Shampoo 

Please select options for the following products: 

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