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About Us

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A smarter start for you and your baby.

Expecting a baby can be like drinking from a firehose. A torrent of well-intentioned information and advice from friends, family, the internet, parenting magazines and your nosy neighbours.

Having a baby is the most natural thing in the world, yet we’ve got really good at making it feel super complicated. What new parents really want is someone to grab that firehose, turn down the pressure, and help them find their own flow.

We believe that Kiwi families deserve a smarter start. So at Nelly Boo, we’re making it easy to set up for a new baby, nurture a new arrival. Allowing parenting to feel natural, like it’s meant to, like something we were all born to do.

A couple with a new born baby

It’s time to make it simple.

Buying for baby can seem confusing and expensive. Not with us. We make it easy for families to get what they need to prepare for those precious early years. We share our experience and specialist knowledge through simple, curated packages that make it easier to choose, and smarter payment options that make it easier to pay.

A new baby is exciting, but also daunting. At Nelly Boo, we’re here to take away the stress, so you can enjoy the joy.

Nelly Boo, helping Kiwi families thrive from pregnancy to preschool.

Nelly Boo founders family

Meet the founders.

Hi … Welcome
to Nelly Boo.

When we were preparing for the arrival of Baby Matilda we were really surprised by the baby retail world.

No matter which baby store we went to, service always seemed secondary to sales and to be honest it felt very much up to us as parents to do our own research and investigations to work out what might be right for our family.

There is so much information out there for first time parents, it was overwhelming and so often contradictory.

We believe that kiwi families deserve a smarter start. At Nelly Boo our mission is to make setting up for and nurturing baby easier for kiwi families.

X Deo & Greg