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Maxi Cosi Cassia Swing Essential Graphite

Maxi Cosi Cassia Swing Essential Graphite

or Interest Free with Over 24+ months

Swing smartly in style

As a (new) parent, we know you can never get enough of holding your little one. But with everything you need to do around the house, sometimes it’s nice to have both hands free.

Lends a helping hand

Imagine a smart set of extra arms to comfort your baby during those moments. Maxi-Cosi Cassia – a stylish and smart swing for babies from birth to 20 pounds – was developed for moments like these to lend a helping hand.

Provides extra comfort when needed

This stylish swing has the beauty and the brains – just like you it instinctively knows when and how to rock your baby when they’re fussy, thanks to the automatic motion detector. The Cassia simply activates the swing when it recognizes your baby needs some extra comfort.

Lighter than the family cat

Its 360⁰ rotation helps you maintain eye contact with your baby – because we know you can never take your eyes off of them. From the living room to the home office and back, you can easily take Cassia with you. Not only does it weigh about 10 pounds – less than the family cat – it also has a space-saving frame. And a stylish one at that.

Suits your style

Its luxurious finishing and high-quality fabrics ensure the design matches any interior, and it comes with an easy to remove and machine-washable cover. Finally, Cassia comes with two toys to give your baby something to look at, two recline positions and a soft and cozy newborn inlay to provide you and your baby with the utmost comfort.

Maxi-Cosi Cassia – swing smartly in style.

Automatic Motion Detection Just like you, the Cassia instinctively knows, with its automatic motion detector, when baby needs some extra comfort. When baby gets fussy, the Cassia will automatically activate the swing to sooth baby 360 Rotation and Touch Screen Panel The Cassia is easy to use touch screen control panel makes adjusting between the 5 swing speeds, 12 soothing melodies and nature sounds a breeze while not interrupting baby. With the 360 rotation, you can keep eye contact with baby wherever you are in the room. The swing is lightweight, weighing about 10 lbs, so its easy to move the swing from one room to the next.

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