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Cybex ePriam Electric Stroller Bundle

Cybex ePriam Electric Stroller Bundle

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The Ultimate in Electric Stroller Bundles. The Cybex ePriam Electric Stroller Bundle contains all the items you are looking for in an electric stroller bundle including: -

1 x ePriam Pram Chassis + Seat Frame - Rose Gold

1 x Priam/ePriam Seat Pack 2022 (Manhattan Grey plus or Stardust Black Plus)

1 x Cloud Z2i-Size Capsule (Deep Black or Soho Grey)

1 x Cloud Z2 Car seat base

1 x ePriam Lux Carrycot (Stardust Black only)

1 x ePriam Rain Cover

1 x ePriam 2022 Capsule / Lux carrycot Adaptors

01 E-assist features Experience an e-stroller that gives you a helping hand when you need it most - with three functions that make all the difference: Uphill/Downhill support, Rough terrain support and Hands-free rocking. 02 One-pull harness One hand. One pull. One size fits all. It’s never been faster to get your child strapped in Even the liveliest of children can be snugly and safely secured in seconds. 03 Suitable from birth Reversible, one-hand recline seat. Suitable from birth with the lie flat seat, up to 22kg. High seat position - closer to you, and sits at table height. 04 4-in-1 Travel System One frame, four options: Our 4-in-1 Travel System combines the frame with different attachments - so you can meet any challenge when travelling with your child. Pair it with the Lux Carry Cot, Lite Cot, CLOUD Q Capsule, or the Seat. 05 All-wheel suspension All-terrain, 4 wheel suspension. Two-wheel mode for beach or stairs.
Folded dimensions: 88 x 51 x 30 cm Unfolded dimensions: 110 x 60 x 95 cm Weight of Chassis (incl wheels, basket & battery) + Seat: 15 kg Weight of Chassis (incl wheels, basket & battery): 10.8 kg Seat weight capacity: 22 kg Basket weight capacity: 5 kg
A new generation of the smart CYBEX e-PRIAM! The latest e-Priam combines ground-breaking "e" functionality with New Generation features to make life easier for you like never before. Not only offering luxurious comfort and the pinnacle of style, the e-Priam boasts smart “e” functionality to offer a pram experience like no other: Featuring electric drive motors & pressure sensors, the e-Priam assists your stroll when you need it most: uphill, downhill, and through rough terrain. What's more, you can rock your pram hands-free using the smartphone app! Parenting isn't easy, but this is...

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