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Babyhood My First Breathe EZE Mattress

Babyhood My First Breathe EZE Mattress

or Interest Free with Over 24+ months

Did you know that your baby will spend up to 80% of their first year sleeping?

The babyhood My First Breathe Eze Innerspring Mattress is designed to provide your baby with optimum support for their delicate body and great breathability through the 100% cotton cover and breathable vents keeping your baby more comfortable and safer, in a firmer innerspring mattress, that will last for years to come.

1. Firm and supportive.
2. 200 grams deluxe quilted cover.
3. Breathe Eze bonded fibre pad.
4. Innerspring mattress with corner supports to reduce entrapment.
5. Bonnell springs with tempered steel frame.
6. Allergy & dust mite resistant.
7. Anti-microbial.
8. Quilted both sides.
9. Breathing side vents for airflow boost.
- Dimensions: 1295mm x 690mm x 100mm
- Material: Polyester Cotton Fabric
- Care Instructions: Spot clean with a damp cloth. Dry mattress pad in a shady area. Do not heat dry, dry clean or wash in hot water as it will cause shrinkage of the cover.
Rotate your mattress regularly (once per week when you change your sheets), especially where your child sleeps in the same position. This will prevent compression of your mattress.
At least once per month, we recommend that your mattress is aerated in the sun, on a warm sunny day.
Lay the mattress on a flat clean surface and rotate through the day. This helps to ensure your mattress stays aerated and firm.Do not leave your mattress wet or damp as this will cause mould and other fungi to grow in and on your mattress. If you use a mattress protector wash it weekly with your baby’s sheets and air your mattress, as the mattress protectors can trap moisture, in humid conditions, and damage your mattress.
Do not store heavy objects on your mattress, as this will cause compression of your mattress.

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