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Little Linen Company Airwrap Mattress Protector

Little Linen Company Airwrap Mattress Protector

or Interest Free with Over 24+ months

The Airwrap mattress protector has the right balance of features in a mattress protector for both baby and the mattress.

"Not too soft, juuust right" made with sleep surface firmness recommendations in mind. Free from padding and firm fitting to limit potential hazard if the baby turns over. Airwrap are the pioneers of making mattress protectors that are "firm friendly" empowering parents to make a better choice.

Awareness of the importance of indoor air quality #IAQ is on the rise. The patented, vapour-proof construction limits baby from cot/crib mattress off-gassing and thus limiting VOC exposure.

The mattress protector is also tested and certified not to produce its own VOCs.

- Bassinet Size: 80 x 40 x 15cm
- Large Cot Size: 132 x 77 x 20cm
- Large Cradle Size: 95 x 55 x 15cm

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