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Phil & Ted's
Phil & Ted's® Sub 4™ Running Buggy

Phil & Ted's® Sub 4™ Running Buggy

or Interest Free with Over 24+ months

The world's fastest jogger... The power and freedom to walk, run or jog.

Wow! features: 

  • Geometric design for unparalleled stride length
  • Unique one-hand control for sound running posture
  • Fully adjustable handle height
  • Experience running like never before
  • Engineered for speed and uncompromised performance
  • Motion control hub at centre of frame configuration
  • 20" rear wheels with pneumatic tyres to reduce roll resistance 
  • Complete impact absorption - full suspension and torsion control bars for responsive frame flex
  • State of the art aerocore seat technology
  • Five-point safety harness
  • One-hand dual disk brakes for speed control and park
  • Full sun hood ensuring maximum coverage
    - Tech Specs: Maximum load of 15kg
    - Aerocore Seat Technology: Waterproof and UV resistant, cushioning & supportive, wipe clean and hypo-allergenic, lightweight and streamlined
    - Anti-slip insulation with ventilation holes perfect form fit

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