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Babyhood Ultimate Change Pad

Babyhood Ultimate Change Pad

or Interest Free with Over 24+ months

This pad is soft to touch and supportive with curved high raised curved edges to ensure your bub is secure during nappy change times. Perfect for on top of a chest of drawers or table, make your nursery furniture pull double duty with the addition of the Babyhood Ultimate Change Pad!

Can be used on any firm, flat and dry surface, including change tables, chests of drawers, on the floor and in the back of the car. It's waterproof can be easily wiped clean with a non-alcoholic baby wipe or warm water. Saving you time in the laundry, as there is no need for change mat covers.


Babyhood are committed to creating safe and functional baby products. The Ultimate Change Pad has:

  • No ties or belts so no strangulation hazards for your baby.
  • The Change Pad is flat with no incline so it is safer for your newborn.
  • BPA and PVC free and most importantly tested to EN 71 Regulatory Standard.
  • Always ensure you are at your baby’s side, during use.

We do not recommend this product as a sleep surface for your baby. Do not leave your baby unattended.

1. High sides for extra support.
2. Luxurious soft and comfy for bub.
3. Waterproof so keeps your surfaces clean.
4. Hygienic as it is easy to clean with a non-alcoholic baby wipe or warm water.
5. For use on firm, flat and dry surface.
6. No ties or strangulation hazards.
7. Lays flat.
8. Tested to EN 71.
- Material: PVC free. BPA free
- Dimensions: W73 x L43 x H9cm

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